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Research & Development at Transport for Cairo explores how open-source technologies can be applied in service of sustainable mobility solutions for emerging cities
Travel in African cities today is dominated by informal transportation systems. They harm the environment, take advantage of transport workers and provide a sub-optimal user experience and poor accessibility.

Our mission is to transform urban mobility towards a more sustainable future; with transparent, reproducible research, and by leveraging emerging technologies to collect, analyze, and produce high-quality data.

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DataAnalyzing Public Transport Volume on Cairo's Road NetworkIn transport planning, it is often useful to zoom in and understand how travel patterns map onto the road network. This post offers a detailed walkthrough of how to determine the number of (public transport) vehicles passing on each road in a city. We take Cairo as a case study, and identify the roads that are most heavily utilized by public transport.
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DataComparing Public Transit Modes in Greater Cairo
DataKampala Paratransit Street Usage Study
MapsMap Creation Process